About Us

Hi there, I'm Zana, the Founder of East Street Bazaar (ESB).

Our wellness concept is rooted in the eastern notion of holistic wellness, which emphasizes prevention over cure. We believe that illness arises from an imbalance in the body, and that a healthy mind, body, spirit connection can aid to prevent this.

My goal is to provide you with carefully curated and effective tools to elevate your daily life, wherever you are on your wellness journey.

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My Story

In 2019, I quit my demanding corporate law job and bought a one-way ticket to Sri Lanka. I spent my days practicing yoga, meditating on a jungle rooftop shala, and enjoying evening dips in a warm bay with gentle waves perfect for dancing on handcrafted longboards. This time allowed me to reset my body and mind from years of stress and burning the candle at both ends.

During this time, I discovered Ayurveda, a holistic concept of wellbeing that encompasses yoga, meditation, and seasonal eating, among other practices. I realized that the way these concepts are typically practiced in busy city lifestyles is a diluted version of their true intent.

This realization inspired the birth of ESB, a space where people can learn about various holistic practices to support their wellbeing and expand their own practice at home. Whether it’s a new skincare routine, a breathwork ritual, a daily smoothie filled with nourishing supplements, or a few cocktails with friends, we have the tools and inspiration to help you.

My Mission

Now back in Australia, my mission is to share with you the wealth of untapped wellness wisdom the world has to offer. By introducing self-care and wellness practices, I hope to help you avoid the burnout of busy city life and encourage you to enjoy self-care without guilt. It's a fun journey to explore, and one that is actually good for you.